For our 10th Annual Event - Indo Renergy 2018 Expo & Forum, we will be bringing together businesses, sustainable energy industry trade associations, government agencies, and energy policy research organizations to showcase the status and near-term potential of the cross-section of renewable energy (bio fuels/biomass, geothermal, solar, water, wind) and energy efficiency technologies.

Indo Renergy 2018, will be held at Grand City Convex Surabaya, Indonesia from 28 - 30 June 2018. Co-located with Indo Water and Indo Waste  2018 Expo & Forum, is the region’s leading event dedicated to the renewable and alternative energy industries. No where else gives you the opportunity to reach and meet 6,000 industry professionals in one place at the same time and network with key industry buyers and influences.

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Show Highlights

Technical Product Presentations

Technical Product Presentations

Admission is free of charge. Seats are alocated on a first-come-first-serve basis
B2B Business Matchmaking

B2B Business Matchmaking

B2B matchmaking is a scheduled program that is provided by the organizer to facilitate business meetings that will be done by the exhibitors and visitors during the exhibition.
International Pavilions

International Pavilions

Grab this opportunity to see technologies across the world through 7 international pavilions
Advanced Product and Innovation

Advanced Product and Innovation

Discover new ideas and solutions presented by 550 exhibitors from 30 countries across the world.

Indo Renergy 2017 Highlights

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Why Indonesia ?


Indonesia is located in the intersection of the Pacific Ocean, along the Malacca Straits and the Indian Ocean. Over half of all international shipping sail through  Indonesian seas and straits. Increasingly, Indonesia is playing a more important and strategic roles in global affair.

Indonesia emerges as a key player on cross-cutting international policy issues such as climate change and the global financial architecture, which will have direct and indirect impacts on business and investment decisions.

  1. Capital: Jakarta
  2. Population:240 Million (Year 2012)
  3. Export:  USD 190,04 Billion (Year 2012)
  4. Import:  USD 191,67 Billion (Year 2012)
  5. GDP:6,3 %, USD 864 Billion (Year 2012)
  6. Inflation Rate:  4,57 % (Year 2012)
  7. Middle Class Economy   :56,5 % (March, 2012 Coordinating Minister for Economy)
  8. Income Per Capita:  USD 3,500.00 (Year 2012)
  9. Central Bank Rate (BI):  5,75 % (Year 2012)
  10. Labor Rate  :  USD 100 – 230 per Month                            
  11. Key Economic:  Oil and Gas, Mining, Manufacturing, Agriculture
  12. Language:  Bahasa Indonesia, English, Malay
  13. Indonesia's economic growth remained relatively high, even number two in Asia after China.
  14. Indonesia's export diversification strategy begins in 2011 in order to dampen the impact of the European crisis has already shown results.
  15. The volume and value of exports to nontraditional countries begins to increase.


In The Year 2013 :

  • Population Growth : 243 Billion
  • The Government of Indonesia is optimistic that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Indonesia could reach slightly over US $ 1 trillion.
  • The Governor of Bank Indonesia, estimates Indonesia’s Economy will  increase in the range of 6,3 – 6,7 %
  • Income Per Capita ranges between USD 4,400 – 4,500 (Presidential Economic Adviser) 
  • Non Oil and Mining Products Export : USD 12,44 Billion

In The Year 2030 :

  • Indonesia will add 90 million people to a class of consumers, larger from another country.
  • McKinsey Global Institute’s  Chairman Raoul Oberman said , Indonesia is potentially become  developed country, with facts :
    • Indonesia's economy will grow significantly
    • Predicted will be one of the world economy power
    • Indonesia would become the 7th largest economy in the world
      • Middle class consumer group as the economic drivers to reach 135 million from 280 million population
      • 71 % Population in big cities produce 86 % GDP
      • 1.8 trillion USD market potential in the consumer services sector, agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries, education.
  • The Indonesian economy is considered most stable in the world. In fact, Bank Indonesia states that Indonesia's economy has been very stable in the last 4-5 years.
  • 90% of the national economic growth is derived from the outside java. So, this economic growth is not only occurred in Java or Jakarta.
  • 11 % export commodities comes from non-oil  sector. This denied the myth that the model of Indonesia’s growth was in export domination.
  • Natural resources usage has been decreased to 7 %. Natural resources will no longer be major economy drivers.
  • 60 % of economy growth is obtained from increasing productivity. This is also denied that economic growth is only obtained from the growth of the labor force.


  • Indonesia must boost productivity growth to 4.6% per year, higher than that of the last decade.
  • Indonesia has prepared a long term development plan for the year 2005-2025, divided into each 5 years period. Medium term development plan for the year 2009-2014 is the second phase and focus on the following:
    • The Improvement of the quality of human resources
    • The development of science and technology
    • Strengthening the economic competitiveness

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