Sea, Alternative Energy Sources

Seputar  Indonesia, 26 September 2011

There is a huge demand of electricity outside java According to the Member of National Energy Board , Indonesia will have a lot of energy that could be used to fulfill the needs of energy national scale, one of them  is the potential of renewable energy from the sea. There are 3 potential sea area could be developed in Indonesia, ocean thermal energy, ocean waves and ocean currents. Total national marine resources reach 727,000 Mw. if calculated based on the profit , marine energy use in several areas will be more efficient and cheaper than the use of oil or coal.

TEKNOLOGI BIOGAS: Aplikasi Proyek Di Jatim Terbesar Se-Indonesia

MALANG -- Penerapan teknologi biogas sebagai sumber energi terbarukan di Jawa Timur saat ini mencapai 5.000 unit atau terbesar dari total 8.000 unit di seluruh Indonesia.

 Hari ini (Rabu, 6/2/2013) Nestle Indonesia meresmikan kubah biogas ke-5.000 yang dibangun untuk peternak sapi perah anggota koperasi mitra Nestle Indonesia di salah satu rumah peternak di Pujon, Malang, Jawa Timur.

West Sumatra Solar Power Plants (SPP) Target DEVELOPMENT UNIT 3000

Between the news, 6 November 2011

West Sumatra government targeting of 1000 units solar power plants (SPP) on a small scale in the province in the implementation of the medium-term regional development plan (2011-2015). Local Government target in 2013 is to build 600 SPP. In 2014, they increase SPP into 700 and in 2015 hopefuly it will reach 1000 Solar power plant. Besides the development of SPP, West Sumatra provincial government is also targeting the construction and rehabilitation of micro-hydro power plant or the power of the river as much as two units annually.

Renewable Energy Market Assessment Report: Indonesia

Existing Renewable Energy Market
Today, renewable energy accounts for a small but growing portion of Indonesia’s electricity portfolio. Most renewable energy comes from the hydropower and geothermal industries, but growth in other sectors is likely. Presidential Decree No. 5 mandates an increase in renewable energy production from 7 percent to 15 percent of generating capacity by 2025. To accomplish that goal, 6.7 GW of new renewable energy capacity must be installed in the next 15 years based on current growth projections.7 Geothermal and biomass have been slated for the most growth, but opportunities exist in every renewable energy technology.

Govt to sign clean energy contract worth R47 trillion

Nusa Dua, Bali (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian government has signed several agreements with investors to develop clean and renewable energy projects worth Rp47.2 trillion.

Energy and Mineral Resources Minister, Sudirman Said told the press on the sidelines of the Bali Clean Energy Forum (BCEF) on Thursday that the projects included a geothermal power plant with a capacity of 765.5 megawatt (MW), a solar power plant with a capacity of 150 MW, and liquid natural gas receiving terminal, with a capacity of 125,000 cubic meters, which will create 18,300 jobs.

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