INFO TEMPO: Indonesia the Potential Market of Water Treatment

INFO TEMPO: Indonesia the Potential Market of Water Treatment

INFO TEMPO - As a multinational company in the field of water treatment, Suez sees considerable potential in Indonesia. Suez has been working for more than 60 years in Southeast Asia and has seven representative offices in the region, one of them is Jakarta. Of the 1,500 employees spread across Southeast Asia, about 1,270 employees are located in Indonesia.

Suez Public Relations & Communications Manager for Southeast Asia Julien Bachelet said, "We have several projects in Indonesia, namely water and wastewater treatment plants. Total water treatment plant in Indonesia is more than 150 units and able to produce clean water as much as 800 million liters per day. While total in Southeast Asia only 180 units," he said when met at Indowater 2017 Expo & Forum, Jakarta Convention Center, Thursday, July 13.

Government to spend Rp 404t on infrastructure projects in 2018

Next year, the government plans to allocate Rp 404 trillion (US$30.23 billion) for infrastructure development, according to the draft state budget announced by President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo on Thursday. This year, the government projects to spend Rp 387.70 trillion.

The President explained that 856 kilometers of new roads and 781 kilometers of irrigation channels would be constructed.

“Infrastructure development is expected to boost economic growth and improve connectivity among the regions,” Jokowi said when reading out a financial note during a House of Representatives plenary session.

Less Waste, More Infrastructure as Jokowi Aims for 5.6% Growth in 2018

Jakarta. President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo seeks to accelerate economic growth in 2018, with plans to increase government spending and attract more private investment to develop infrastructure across the archipelago.

The government will target a 5.6 percent increase in growth next year, up from an expected 5.1 percent this year and a recorded 5 percent in 2016.

Jokowi has asked his cabinet to consult ministerial budgets and cut superfluous expenses to increase government spending on capital expenditure.

"There are many unnecessary costs that can be redirected to capital expenditure," he said during a plenary cabinet meeting at the State Palace in Central Jakarta on Tuesday (04/04).

Obtaining Largest Budget, Public Works Ministry is Going to Build These Next Year

 JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The government allocates infrastructure spending in the 2018 State Budget Draft (RAPBN) of IDR409 trillion from the total state expenditure of IDR2,204.4 trillion.

Ministry of Public Works and People's Housing obtains the largest budget allocation of IDR106.9 trillion.

Expert Staff of the Integrated Development at the Ministry of Public Works Adang Ahmad, in Jakarta, Saturday (8/19/2017) said Public Works Ministry budget of IDR106.9 trillion "will be allocated to four priority sectors."

The four priority sectors are connectivity improvement of IDR41.3 trillion, food and water security of IDR37.3 trillion, settlements IDR15.9 trillion and housing IDR9.6 trillion.

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