Indonesia Puts Renewable Energy Ahead of Nuclear Option

Global Energy Network Institute, April 27, 2011

The Indonesian government would maximize the use of new and renewable energy, especially geothermal, hydro-energy and bio fuels, before deciding to use nuclear energy. Luluk Sumiarso, the Director General of Renewable Energy at the Energy Ministry, said that the government was revising its proportion of new and renewable energy utilization from the previously target of 17 percent to 25 percent by 2025 and would also make every effort to speed up the utilization of the new and renewable energy. It is the target of the government that the geothermal capacity will increase by 2,000 Mw in 2012 and 5,000 Mw in 2014, given that the country's geothermal potential is 29,000 Mw.

Indonesian Sea Teritory can generate 49,000 MW Power

Kabar Bisnis, July 19, 2011

Marine resources across the nation can be developed to produce electricity up to 49.000 Mw. Referring to the data Marine Energy Association of Indonesia  said, theoretically, the total national marine energy resources are very abundant, reaching 727,000 Mw. These resources include the type of ocean thermal energy, ocean waves and ocean currents. Chairman of the Centre for Research and Development of Marine Geology said they will active in the research and development of marine potential energy in several straits in Indonesia. Head BPPH - BPPT, adding that they has started to study the types of technology for possible application in Indonesia. Universities such as ITS and ITB have also developed many types of ocean energy technologies in the country to increase national capacity in the field of marine energy industry.

Industri Panas Bumi Indonesia Kini Hidup Lagi

TEMPO.CO, Padang - Setelah 25 tahun tertidur, industri panas bumi (geothermal) di Indonesia kembali bangkit. "Industri panas bumi kembali hidup. Jadi, untuk ke depan, energi nasional tak harus bergantung lagi ke minyak dan gas," ujar Wakil Menteri Energi dan Sumber Daya Mineral (ESDM) Rubi Rubiandini, Kamis, 13 September 2012, di Kabupaten Solok Selatan.

Investor Lirik Energi Terbarukan Banjarnegara

TEMPO.CO, Purwokerto - Banyaknya sungai di Banjarnegara membuat investor kepincut untuk menanamkan investasinya di daerah ini. Mereka tertarik untuk mengembangkan energi terbarukan yang memanfaatkan aliran sungai untuk menghasilkan listrik. “Total nilai investasi untuk proyek pembangkit listrik tenaga mikro hidro di Banjarnegara mencapai Rp 841 miliar,” kata Bupati Banjarnegara, Sutedjo Slamet Utomo, Ahad, 10 Februari 2013.

Market Update

  • The government targeted the development and operation of biogas installations in 2012 amounted to 8000 units.
    According to the Director of New Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (EBTKE),  Ayuni Maryam, "In 2012 we targeted a minimum of 8000 units of biogas installations can be installed and operational," she said.
  • Jakarta - The Indonesian government is currently preparing a legal umbrella in the form of a presidential decree to achieve the target of greenhouse gas reduction by 26 percent nationwide by 2020.
  • According to Darwin Zahedy Saleh as Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, that based on studies conducted by PT State Electricity Company (PLN Persero), it is found that Indonesia capable to build about one million units of biogas, the figure is equivalent to saving 900 million liters of kerosene or 700 thousand tons of LPG/ year.
  • The Head of Upstream Oil and Gas Supervisory Agency (BPMIGAS), R. Priyono predicted that the state revenue from upstream oil and gas sector exceed the target set by National Budget Rp 260 trillion. 
    It is predicted that upstream oil and gas industry could produce Rp 261, 8 trillion.
  • Priyono stated that this result was achieved because oil and gas production combination reached 2, 461 million barrel of oil equivalent per day. This production increased 4 % than 2009 which produced 2, 366 million barrel of oil equivalent per day. Oil and gas production in barrel of oil equivalent keep on increasing as a result of the better performance of natural gas production.
  • In facing the issue of climate change, President of Indonesia has determined the target emission decreasing CO2 for 26% by 2020, 6% of it will come from energy sector. Based on Presidential Decree Number 5/2006 has determined clear target to optimize Indonesian Energy mix by 2025, which is to improve renewable energy portion minimally up to 17%. Later on, The Directorate General of Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation has committed further to reach the vision of 25/25, which is to reach 25% of energy mix coming from new energy and renewable by 2025.
    Source: METI


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